Missionary Stories

Aunt Sally
Isaac Williams

Aunt Sally is a classic saga of a journey from bondage in slavery in the Southern States, through peril and hard labour into freedom by the Way of the Cross. It is a living legend of the promise of Isaiah 62:24: "Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken...for the Lord delighteth in thee."

China: The Church's long March
David Adeney

During the Cultural Revolution, missionaries had to leave and the church faced enormous difficulties. Yet even conservative estimates indicate that the churches have grown more than tenfold since 1949. This book gives a comprehensive examination of Christians in China today.

Crack in the Wall
Jackie Pullinger

Crack in the Wall documents the lives of its inhabitants and Jackie Pullinger's remarkable work in helping thousands to come off drugs through through the power of the Holy Spirit - many of whom have returned to help others find everlasting freedom in Jesus.

Drunk Before Dawn
Shirley Lees

Many of the tribal people of Borneo were often 'drunk before dawn' until the Gospel of Christ reached them in the 1930s. This is the story of God transforming headhunting tribesmen into men and women of God.

Foxe's Book of Martyrs
W Grinton Berry

This unparalleled classic recounts the lives, suffering and triumphant deaths of Christian martyrs throughout history. Beginning with the first martyr, Jesus Christ, it traces the roots of religious persecution and focuses on great men as John Wycliffe, Martin Luther and many others.

Hudson Taylor and Maria - Pioneers in China
J C Pollock

This is a tale of courage and adventure in Imperial China, that lost world of pigtails and mandarins and dragon roofed temples. It tells how a Yorkshire lad of obscure origin took the gospel to the closed Chinese interior in the face of opposition, both western and oriental.

If I Perish
Esther Ahn Kim

A remarkable true story of the savage persecution of Korean Christians during World War II. Miss Ahn spent 6 years under the brutality, oppression and ruthlessness of her captors. But her faithfulness to Christ and courageous activities brought the light of the gospel to many.

Lilies Amongst the Thorns

After years of isolation after the Communist government came to power, the doors to China opened again in 1978. The author and his team, a group of Hong Kong Christians prepared for ministry into China. This book is some of the factual testimonies of Chinese preachers presently serving God in the provinces, a record of experiences, miracles and persecutions.

Living Sacrifice
Helen Roseveare

Life in Africa was full of surprise and drama for Helen Roseveare. She came to teach others about medicine and the love of God, but found her own faith being profoundly challenged.

Lords of the Earth
Don Richardson

In terror and bondage, the Yali naked cannibals served women-hating and child-despising gods. This is the story of Missionary Stan Dale who dared to enter the domain of these tribesmen who called themselves "lords of the earth".

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