Evangelistic Writing

Daily Light
Zondervan Publishing House

This is probably the most widely read collection of daily readings from the Bible ever published. It has been a classic religious work for three generations offering two selections of Bible readings for every day in the year -- for Morning and Evening.

Peace with God
Billy Graham

In spite of a life drenched with responsibilities and rewards are you thirsting? Searching for some nameless thing that is more important than anything in life? You are not alone. All mankind if seeking the answer to the confusion, ...read more

Understanding the Death of Jesus
John Eddison

Has God lost interest or control? Why can't God ignore sin? What is it, anyway? These are just some questions that are dealt with this book by John Eddison which examines the key issues of the death of Jesus.

Why Logos?
The United Bible Societies

The Greek word "LOGOS" means, "the WORD". "WHY LOGOS?" is a carefully chosen selection of passages taken from the new Testament. It will introduce you to the real LOGOS, Jesus Christ.

Why the Bible is the Word of God
Gordon Lindsay

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