Christian Living

Victorious Christian Living
Alan Redpath

What is a Real Christian?
Luis Palau

Luis Palau talks about the myths surrounding the identity of being a Christian and tells us how we can become a Real Christian now.

Why doesn't God Do Something?
Phoebe Cranor

Attention parents and teachers! Are you having trouble answering some of those difficult questions that junior high kids ask? This book could have the answers for you! It tackles 15 tough questions and gives simple, biblical direct answers.

Working Things Out
Steve Hollaway and Bill Junker

Steve Hollaway and Bill Junker prepares and answers some of the questions Christians have to deal with when they go through college.

You Can Change your Personality
Andre Bustanoby

Do you like the way you are? You Can Change Your Personality does more than say you can change. This book shows how to change. It provides understanding toward an adaptive, well-balanced personality. Even many Christians fail to recognize that their personality may hinder and sabotage their conscious goal to be spiritual.

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