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Abide in Christ
Andrew Murray

So many Christians, instead of accepting God's invitation to enter His throne room, stand alone outside the door, uncertain and ashamed. Christ beckons them to His banqueting table and offers them a room in His house, but they.. read more

Appointment with God
The Navigators

Appointment with God stresses the love relationship between God and man which is available to you in Jesus Christ. In addition to helpful guidelines to assist you in developing your relationship with God, it includes a practical plan to keep your relationship with Him vital.

Celebration of Discipline
Richard J Foster

"Richard J. Foster has 'found' the spiritual disciplines that the modern world stored away and forgot, and has excitedly called us to celebrate them. For they are, as he shows us, the instruments of joy, the way into mature Christian spirituality and abundant life." - EUGENE H. PETERSON

Covenants and Blessings
Andrew Murray

This acclaimed book explains both the Old and New Covenants and shares how living in covenant with God brings showers of blessings to all involved. Andrew Murray teaches you to come boldly into God's presence and claim your covenant rights to all the forgiveness, knowledge and power promised in the Covenants of the Lord.

Effective Faith
J Oswald Sanders

How can we enlarge our faith? By using it, says J Oswald Sanders. In this booklet, Mr Sanders' practical teaching on subjects such as "Faith and Obedience", "Faith and Suffering", and "Faith and Unbelief" challenges us to a greater use of our faith, without which it is impossible to please God.

Faith Beyond Reason
A W Tozer


Freedom of Simplicity
Richard J Foster

Foster guides us on the simple path toward finding God by learning to listen, to give, to understand, to show compassion, and to accept what we already have.

From Scripture to Life
Chiara Lubich

This book contains commentaries written on twelve different scriptural passages, each accompanied by lived applications of its teaching. They trace, each in its own way, a passage leading from a personal moment of darkness and confusion to one of light and clarity of purpose.

God is Waiting to Meet You
Merrill F Unger

God is made to disappear in today's world. In fact, in some circles, they assert he simply never existed. Merril F. Unger however assures us that God is willing to meet us here and now. He comes to terms with this vital issue: How to really meet God.

His Image My Image
Josh McDowell

Self-image affects how you live your life, the joy you experience, the way you treat others and how you respond to God. We all need to know that we are loved and have worth. This book is written to help you understand God's perspective of you, and is filled with real-life illustrations and practical suggestions for dealing biblically with low self-esteem. From the author's experience, he knows that a proper biblical perspective of God, himself and others has been a liberating force in his life.

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